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The Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors (AM&AA) is the acknowledged leading International association and credentialing body for Middle Market M & A Professionals.   Our leadership and people have unrivaled multidisciplinary expertise in the financial services industry. AM&AA members represent sellers and buyers of businesses ranging from $5 to $500 million in transaction value. The services offered by our 600+ members include: seller representation, buyer representation, due diligence, accounting financing, business valuation, tax planning legal, strategic, other advisory and transaction services.

AM&AA members convene regularly for continuing education at the semi-annual conferences and CM&AA programs. 

Certification Program (CM&AA)   http://www.amaaonline.com/cmaa
The AM&AA is the leader in providing an educational framework in mergers and acquisitions through their Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor® program. From the caliber of our instructors to the content of the curriculum, the CM&AA® designation helps you to build on your existing skills providing you with the necessary framework—and network—to further advance your professional and financial goals, as well as those of the clients being served. 


  • An Overview of the Private Capital Marketplace
  • The Dynamics of an M&A Engagement & Practice Management
  • Buy- and Sell-Side Representation, Traditional Investment Banking
  • Business Valuation and M&A Standards, Accounting, Finance,
  • Traditional Business Valuation and Transactional Valuation
  • Other M&A Legal and Tax Issues
  • Acquisition & Growth Financing
  • Corporate M & A
  • Review and Examination for Credentialing

Below are the names of four FENG members who have successfully completed the course and were awarded the advanced professional credential “Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor” (CM&AA) and membership to the AM&AA. They have graciously offered to answer any questions FENG members may have regarding the CM&AA and the Alliance of M & A Advisors (AM&AA).

Dan Gallas [email protected]
David Fowler [email protected]
Alison Hoffman [email protected]  (847) 842-0231
James Greer [email protected]

For more information, please call Diane Niederman, AM&AA VP/Business Development and Marketing at 877-844-2535 or e-mail:  [email protected]

Website:  www.amaaonline.org