Each member is asked to abide by these guidelines:

The FENG is invaluable to the financial executive.

Our membership lists are available to members only. The purpose of these lists is to facilitate easy communication among members. All information within them is provided for MEMBERS USE ONLY.

Our lead package and our membership lists are never to be shared with non-members for the following reasons:

First: Membership is free
Anyone who you feel should participate in sharing our leads need only contact a chairman. Participants should understand the principles of our group, because in many respects they run against the ingrained tendencies of financial types to be secretive. As new members discover almost immediately, there are typically others in the group who know about each and every lead, so it pays to share.
Second: Participation.
Those listening in on our leads and membership directory without PARTICIPATING are doing those who ARE actively participating a disservice. Some of our leads are specifically noted for distribution to others (non-members). For the most part, these are non-financial and less senior positions.

"Please use my name in contacting"

Those leads which include "please use my name in contacting" and generally speaking, leads for positions being handled by retainer search firms, are not for distribution outside of our network. Recruiters are always afraid they will lose control of a search by having it broadcast too widely. Confidentiality and professionalism are vital on our part to keep recruiters as allies in our respective searches.

With regard to "please use my name" leads, it is asked that you only respond to positions for which you are reasonably qualified. If the compensation is clearly beyond your level, or if the criteria listed don't represent at least a 75% match with your background, consider not responding. It is important to all of us that we not "wallpaper" our retained search leads.

"Membership Criteria"

Please keep in mind that we are a very senior level organization. Almost without exception, members have held titles such as Chief Financial Officer, Controller or Treasurer of a significant organization and have anywhere from 15-20+ years of work experience.

In addition, you need to have a sponsor. We are a circle of friends, not a fee for service. It is in our opinion a good part of what makes our organization as effective as it is. You will need to identify someone to be your sponsor. If the person who sent you to our website is not a member, please call our Chairman, Matt Bud and he will help you find a sponsor. Having a sponsor is a REQUIREMENT. We will not add you to our membership unless you have one.

Finally and most important for you to understand is that The Financial Executives Networking Group is as its name implies a FINANCIAL networking group. If your background is Marketing or Information Technology, there are other networking groups that are more appropriate for you and we would be willing to put you in touch with them. Please contact our Chairman, Matt Bud for this information

Thank you for reading these guidelines.
Membership applications are reviewed each week by our Chairman, Matt Bud.

Financial Professionals, please proceed to the Membership Application
Employers, please proceed to the Employers' Application
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