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In our organization, recruiters and search professionals are considered "Friends of The FENG."

The FENG is the world's largest networking group of senior financial officers. Our 55,000+ members are primarily CFO's, Controllers, and VP's of Finance, Treasury, Tax or M&A. Utilizing The FENG for your senior level financial searches will shorten your timelines and enable you to deliver great candidates.

Have you ever wondered how many manufacturing types there are in Chicago? Would you like a sense of how many folks have worked at specific companies? Now you can get these questions answered instantly as a Friend of The FENG. All you have to do is sign into our website and use our Recruiter Toolbox. It allows you to examine our demographics. If you need help using this tool, feel free to call our chairman, Matt Bud at (203) 227-8965.

We do NOT post jobs on our website

  • We publish a newsletter 5 days a week delivered to our members by outbound email.
  • Jobs appearing in our newsletter are new every day and must exceed $120,000 in base salary.
  • All postings from recruiters go out under the name "Matt Bud, Chairman" with the caveat "Qualified members only may use my name in contacting." You will get a qualified and targeted response.
  • 90% of the responses will be on your desk within 48 hours.

Simple guidelines for the best qualified responses

  • Include a salary range and exact city location.
  • Include your FULL business card information. (Name, Company, Title, Address, Email, and Phone Number)
  • Either paste the position description into an email or provide an email cover note and attach the position description in a Word file. Be sure to repeat your email address or indicate where you want responses sent at the end of the position description.
  • Send your position requirements to: [email protected].
  • Money talks. (You know the rest...)
  • Location. Location. Location. (In case you missed it in the first bullet point)
  • Be as specific as possible. “Depending on experience” doesn't actually mean anything. Position descriptions do not have to be shortened. Take as much space as you like.

Call Matt Bud, Chairman at (203) 227-8965 if you have questions or issues you would like clarified. He is always interested in hearing from you on any and all concerns you have about providing opportunities to our members.

We look forward to hearing from you and being of service.

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If you are a search professional and would like to utilize the group's resources, please fill out this form to become a "Friend of The FENG". Once you have registered, job leads may be sent to: [email protected] and your email address can be used to access our Recruiter Toolbox.

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