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About the Telecommunications S.I.G.

The Telecom SIG has been busy generating ideas and activities to best support the group's needs. We really need your feedback to make the largest positive impact. We would like to hear from you regarding how the Telecom SIG can best support your needs.

Among other matters, we are currently exploring the selection of a new name for our SIG. Something that represents the innovation that has been transforming the telecom space. Our new name will capture the emerging coverage of broadband, mobile, Internet, IP, etc.

The Telecom Special Interest Group leadership team is committed to bringing a fresh outlook and enhanced level of awareness on issues and opportunities related to our industry. If you wish to contact the Telecom SIG on any industry related matter, please use the contact info outlined below.

The Directors of the Telecom SIG look forward to serving you.


Carl Shapiro
[email protected]
203. 273.1968

Michael Hartley
hart[email protected]

S.I.G. Leadership

This leadership position is available, contact Matt Bud for more information.