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About the International S.I.G.

Welcome to the group!

We hope this group will prove to be extremely active and aggressive in networking and provide high quality job leads all over the world. The responses we've had thus far, from all over the globe, are a good indicator of the value you are already placing on this new and developing SIG. It is your group and we hope that besides the traditional strength of FENG networking, this group, in particular, will prove itself as an invaluable resource to us all; wherever we may find ourselves. Certainly, the composite experiences, globally speaking, are beyond just impressive!

This group is not just focusing exclusively on overseas positions, both contractual and permanent, but also on any US domestic positions that are international in scope. Obviously, there potentially exists an overlap here with the normal posting to the national FENG group but the probable worst-case scenario is that you get notified twice!

Like any evolving group, there needs to be some form of structure put in place so that, for us all, it is seen as seamlessly working and adding value over and above all those other networks and groups already established and functioning. Just being a FENG group per se is not good enough!


The suggestions we are putting forward are not intended to be viewed as dictatorial or burdening, but rather to make the process work better for us all. Certainly, we are in the draft stages and open to either outright rejection of an idea or welcome modifications.

We would like to ask that before you submit any international job lead(s), you complete the following:
1. Job Title:
2. Location/Country
3. Salary
4. Languages required (if any)
5. Any mandatory prior experience (a few words)
6. Length of assignment (contractual only)
7. Contact Person, email address / telephone#

Naturally, not all this information is available for every job lead, but the thinking is that as we grow the number of leads hopefully will increase significantly and this process will help us all rapidly identify potential matches without needing to read unnecessary and often long job descriptions. How many of you have read long international job descriptions/details, only to find somewhere in the last paragraph that you need fluency in Russian etc.? This process attempts to expedite the identification of critical requirements immediately. Commonsense, of course, dictates that where only scant information is available then just submit as is!! We hope you have enjoyed seeing those leads we've already forwarded to you, though the procedures need a little smoothing still.


Local area coordinators:
We hope that local groups can be established with at least monthly meetings of the International SIG members being part of the local FENG network group meetings.


We're hoping that all members will share any good internet sites and/or recruiters that focus on international assignments. We need you to encourage your contacts (and internal Corporate resources) to use this group to get overseas candidates for either contractual or permanent opportunities, much the way that FENG national works today, only difference being the focus.

Unfortunately, the economy has also taken a toll on what previously were excellent international job sites, so don't become frustrated with apparently dead-end web-links. Also, some sites ( may occasionally post an unbelievably great job in finance but most of the time you'll see nothing or jobs in catering etc, like fishing I guess, you have to keep trying and monitoring the site regularly!


If you come across any information that could be helpful to international folks then please pass that along as well.

S.I.G. Leadership

John Chrystal
[email protected]
(203) 240-2686