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About the Information Technology S.I.G.

Efficient and effective information is the key driver in a rapidly digitizing world. The Information Technology Special Interest Group is a forum where FENG members can connect and discuss Information Technology trends and issues of mutual interest. The Information Technology SIG’s goal is to educate and promote an exchange of ideas and knowledge so members can leverage best practices and stay abreast of a rapidly changing digital landscape.

With 6,718 Information Technology SIG members representing all industries FENG members can access first-hand experience about consultants, conversions, cloud, implementations, performance tracking and vendor management, privacy and security, in sourcing and outsourcing, systems, and strategies. The Information Technology SIG has the potential to help your company avoid costly decisions: improve performance and profitability; and enhance your knowledge of one of the key profit and expense drivers making you a more valued financial resource.

S.I.G. Leadership

Michael Samach
[email protected]
(954) 349-7373
Michael Samach, CPA, CITP
Management Consulting – Enterprise Risk Services

Michael has 30 years’ experience in corporate accounting and finance, public accounting, systems consulting and risk management consulting. He currently assists clients with a wide array of project management, as well as risk management services centered around operational, financial and technology controls. He specializes in serving public sector clients including governmental and higher education, and has significant experience in healthcare, employee benefits and insurance industries. Michael develops customized control reviews, controls assessments, reviews of user security and operational conflicts, security plan reviews, and has guided internal control design and implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) financial and supply chain systems. In addition he has also performed pre-transaction reviews of companies on behalf of investors or key lenders.
Mike Gutfraynd
[email protected]
Adriana Odice
[email protected]
(203) 494-0366
Manish Chachada
[email protected]
(678) 468-0966