The FENG Latin America (LATAM) S.I.G.

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About the Latin America (LATAM) S.I.G.

The Latin America SIG has been created in order to promote the networking culture within the Latin American region. Using the same philosophy and structure that currently exists in the US Chapters, we will be creating new chapters and expanding the existing ones. This includes, but not limited to, monthly meetings and networking events in Spanish, on Zoom which is the FENG’s virtual meeting platform. The LATAM SIG will manage regional meetings, with common themes and issues which are transversal to the entire Latin American culture, i.e.: job search, supporting US and multinational companies to do business in the region, US GAAP education, and discussing common CFO matters.

S.I.G. Leadership

Carlos Di Brico
[email protected]
+054 (11) 47932665
David Gibbens
[email protected]
(215) 498-6997
Juan-Carlos Cerda
[email protected]
+56 (2) 27582863
John Koutras
[email protected]
+55 (11) 5083 4217
Charlotte Leslie
[email protected]
Sergio Ducoing
[email protected]
+52 (55) 46228203