The FENG Women's S.I.G.

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About the Women's S.I.G.

- What is the Women's SIG about?

Making friends who will help each other throughout their careers and job searches. This is not a women-only club: men are encouraged to join the SIG and attend our meetings.

- How are we organized?

We are a team of 5 Steering Committee Members.

Women's SIG Steering Committee:
Avani Doshi, [email protected]
Brenda Grandell, [email protected]
Lorraine McDonald, [email protected]
Sandy Petty, [email protected]
Eileen Robbins, [email protected]

- Where and when do the meetings take place?


We will be meeting monthly on the third Wednesday, 10:00 AM – 10:45 AM US Eastern Time unless otherwise noted.

Meetings will now be held via Zoom. Each month there will be a new Zoom link. You must register on The FENG website by NOON the day before the meeting in order to receive the new links. You will be sent the Zoom link approximately 24 hours prior to the meeting. If you do not receive the instructions, please check your SPAM FOLDER.

Each meeting will start with a discussion of a topic of interest. Guest speakers will be invited from time to time. As always, these meetings are open to all members and guests to discuss whatever ideas, concerns or questions they have.

If we record a meeting, and you would like to receive the Zoom record link afterwards, please contact Charlotte Leslie at [email protected] PLEASE NOTE: Only members of The FENG will receive the Zoom record link.

To participate in the following initiatives, please write to:

* LinkedIn Group *
- Sandy Petty, [email protected]

* Cover Letter and Resume Review *
- Avani Doshi, [email protected]

S.I.G. Leadership

Avani Doshi
[email protected]
Brenda Grandell
[email protected]
Sandy Petty
[email protected]
Eileen Robbins
[email protected]
Lorraine McDonald
[email protected]