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About the Dallas, TX Chapter

DFW Chapter of the FENG/FEI

Our group is unusual because we have combined the two separate groups, the FENG & the Dallas Chapter FEI Member Career Services Committee, into the DFW Chapter of the FEI/FENG to help any qualified senior financial executive that is looking for a job.

We currently have 3,010 FENG members as part of this group.


We get together once a month. We occasionally have guest speakers. The bulk of the meetings are to network, meet new members, share leads and go over updates on leads. It is a no-pressure casual meeting where members can join in fellowship to discuss things.

The normal schedule for the monthly meetings of the DFW Chapter of the FEI/FENG is the fourth Tuesday of the month at 3 pm US CST unless otherwise noted.

Call Bob Walker, DFW Chapter Chair of the FENG/FEI, with any questions at (214) 532-1152

You are most welcome to attend.

There are many ways to benefit from the FENG/FEI and there are many ways to take part. As usual in life, the more you take part, the more you get out of it. What really makes the FENG/FEI flow is everyone's participation.

The purpose of our chapter meetings is to offer an invaluable opportunity for you to create a sharp focus of your background with the other members.

In order to further this goal, you are asked to do the following:

1. Make sure your screen name includes your First and Last Name.

2. Polish your 90 second announcement. Ask a friend if it communicates who you are. Simple messages are best. Although most of us are more than willing to change industries, the reality is that jobs that fit are some how related to our industry background. Listen to other's presentations and see if you can help them with their search. Can you make an introduction for them? Can you give them a mailing list? Can you recommend or loan them a copy of a book?

3. Try to get to know one or two people at each meeting. This makes the process more personal, and there is simply no substitute for this kind of personal contact.


The Dallas Roster and the FENG List of Chapters can be found on the FENG website at The user name and password are available in the nightly newsletter. It is in a Word document format and when opened is downloaded for your use. See the link in lower left hand corner of the home screen for entry into the document section.

See you at the next meeting !!!!

Chapter Leadership

Bob Walker
[email protected]
(214) 532-1152
Bob is an Investment Advisor with over 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry. He is a Registered Financial Advisor and Portfolio Manager assisting businesses and individual clients in developing and implementing workable strategies to help them reach their financial objectives.

He was named in Texas Monthly as among the top 7% of advisors in Texas, and in the top 3% in Dallas for the past six consecutive years by Five Star Wealth Manager.

Bob began his career at Arthur Young, CPAs, and was an international banker for 15 years at a major money center bank in charge of Europe and the Middle East. He has been a CFO at several companies. As a former accountant and CFO, Bob’s distinctive qualifications and experience work to help improve his clients’ positions. He is a graduate of the Thunderbird Graduate School and Northern Arizona University. He holds a Masters Degree in International Management and Business Administration.