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About the Credit / Working Capital Management S.I.G.

As Chairman of the FENG Working Capital Management SIG, I am excited about the opportunity to facilitate networking between working capital management professionals.

We are seeking FENG members who have a professional interest in the various disciplines focused on optimizing working capital management activities. This encompasses revenue chain and liquidity management, credit and collections, vendor payments and cash management. Additionally the group is interested in approaches to supply chain risk assessment.

When managing liquidity and maximizing the efficiency of the "cash to cash" process, the need for cross discipline awareness is there. Every company buys and sells products or services and needs professionals in each part of the cash conversion cycle with the expertise to optimize the amount and timing of a company’s cash flows. Effective management of these critical processes is an integral part of the liquidity equation. Also, the availability of working capital in today’s growing economy and capital marketplace has become increasingly important and sometimes hard to generate.

The Working Capital Management Special Interest Group (SIG) has been created to provide a forum for sharing ideas and approaches across finance and operating disciplines. The aim of the SIG is to enhance member employment and networking opportunities and the sharing of ideas and best practices using a 3 leg approach.

- Order to cash processes must support sales and marketing revenue goals and safeguard assets against losses.
- Vendor payment management procedures are of strategic importance to maximize optimal outflows and to maintain good working relationships with suppliers.
- Cash management procedures provide the necessary platform to best leverage the mix of internally generated funds, borrowings and investments which insures a sufficient level of liquidity while minimizing risks.

How You Can Take Advantage of the SIG:
This SIG’s goal is to provide value to any FENG Member who is in transition or is in an Alumni status and has an interest in sharing ideas and opportunities related to the working capital management process.

We encourage you to participate and take full advantage of membership in this SIG and its events and look forward to hearing from you on our SIG Forum about your ideas to optimize operating cash flows.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by posting comments on the SIG Forum or directly by email at: [email protected]

Chairman, FENG Working Capital Management SIG
Robert S. Shultz
Managing Partner
Cutting Edge Business Resources & Solutions
[email protected]
(805) 520 7880 (phone/fax)
(805) 501 1769 (mobile)
4212 E. Los Angeles Ave. No 3872
Simi Valley, CA 93063

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S.I.G. Leadership

Bob Shultz
[email protected]
(805) 520-7880
During his corporate career, Robert Shultz had a successful 30-year track record in a variety of industries within large and multi-national organizations.
As Vice President of Corporate Credit and Customer Finance for Sony Pictures Entertainment, Robert established the Corporate Credit and Customer Finance function for global operations. Sales to 64 countries exceeded $5B. The focus was on restructuring the organization, streamlining and automating quote to cash processes and implementation of major systems improvements.

In 2001 Robert became and remains, a Founding Partner of Quote to Cash Solutions (Q2C) LLC, a consulting firm focusing on the quote to cash cycle, management coaching, training, and expert witness activities. Through process streamlining, organization integration and automation Q2C helps companies improve cash performance and manage accounts receivable risk.
Robert has successfully provided clients with consulting and training services. Clients include small, midsize and Fortune 500 companies in the entertainment, high tech, internet advertising, consumer electronics and spirits industries in the U.S., Europe and Latin America. He has assisted clients in determining how best to organize their order to cash operations, leverage outsource options and implementing systems solutions to automate manual efforts. His focus has been to increase profitable revenue opportunities and implement efficiencies at lower operating costs.
Robert also partners with the Credit Management Association to produce and distribute the AnscersX ( multi-bureau trade credit report. This provides extensive data from which most credit decisions can be made. AnscersX delivers data from Dun and Bradstreet, Experian and Equifax in one consolidated report. Access is over the web and no contract or minimums are required.
In addition to the above he is the Managing Partner in Cutting Edge Business Resources & Solutions. (CEBRS) This is a marketing representative firm having relationships with a variety of vetted service and software providers, each of which addresses a common need of businesses of any size or industry.
Robert served on the Board of Directors of the Credit Management Association (CMA)for over 13 years and was the Chairman of the Board after heading up the CMA's Strategic Planning effort. For his work with the CMA he was named CMA's Credit Executive of the Year in recognition of his contribution to the Credit Profession. He now serves on the Board as a Special Advisor.
He also serves as the Chairman of FENG’s Credit and Working Capital Management SIG, on the UCLA Extension Program Advisory Board for the Credit Analysis and Management Certificate and was a participant in the UCLA strategic plan development process that led to a number of improvements in this program involving over 90,000 students. Robert is an Instructor for UCLA Extension’s Credit Analysis class. He is also is a member of Advisory Boards for Los Angeles City College Business School and the Credit Today Newsletter
Robert has published numerous articles, and regularly speaks on cash cycle management topics.