A Proud Sponsor of The FENG

Solium, new owner of Corporate Focus, CapMx and OptionEase is proud to be a continuing sponsor of The FENG. Our systems helps finance professionals replace the uncertainty of numerous, complex spreadsheets with a single, consolidated online system for easy capitalization table management, stock option expensing (as required by FAS 123R or now ASC 718), and 6039 compliance.

Solium systems simplify equity compensation reporting by making the tasks related to valuation, expensing and reporting easier. Even better, Solium systems provide a complete audit trail with back-up details supporting all of your numbers, resulting in less year-end scrambling and lower audit-related fees. With Solium you can:

  • Manage your complete ownership structure
  • Automatically calculate expense for ASC 718 reporting (FAS 123R)
  • Handle complex forfeiture true-ups
  • Simplify Section 6039 compliance
  • Generate fully-diluted capitalization tables
  • Address auditor concerns
  • And save money in the process!

To learn more visit the Solium web site at www.solium.com (or www.corporatefocus.com) or sign up for one of our free 30-minute webinars at:


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