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The Financial Executives Networking Group

By Peter Biadasz, Southern Plains Bureau Chief

Peter BiadaszIf you are a senior financial executive such as a CFO, Controller or Treasurer who has achieved a six figure cash income, and have typically achieved 15 to 20 years of business experience do I have a treat for you, The Financial Executives Networking Group (FENG). The FENG is a voluntary, international organization whose membership is free to qualified financial members sponsored by an existing member. The FENG provides senior executives an easy way to network exclusively with other senior financial executives and to share career transition experiences, job leads and workplace challenges. The group, which began in 1991, has evolved into a "circle of friends" of over 27,000 members. Based in the United States with over 60 chapters, the organization also has members in over a dozen countries spanning 4 continents and continues to enjoy an annually growth rate of 8-10%.

My journey in discovering this amazing group of people began with Don Ficken, Chair of the Saint Louis Chapter. The St. Louis Chapter is proud to serve as the premiere networking group in the St. Louis area for senior financial executives. Don eagerly discussed how the Chapter was formed in 2000 and has grown to over 540 members representing a diverse range of industries and functional experience. The chapter holds meetings once each month with the primary purpose to provide an opportunity for FENG members to meet each other and form personal friendships. Chapter meetings are devoted primarily to networking in multiple small groups. Guest speakers are sometimes invited to address relevant issues. In addition local companies form strategic partnerships with the group to provide financial support. There are monthly member only meetings, FENG forums open to public on various topics of interest, and invitation only events held throughout the year. This is a very active chapter.

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The national organization is headed by Matt Bud, Chairman of the FENG. He explained to me the importance of the bonds of friendship and trust that makes this organization unique. "This is a society of friends", Matt says,"27,000 friends doing favors for each other; knowing that eventually the favor will be returned, but not necessarily by the same person. It is stressed to utilize members' names in networking and to make introductions into each others networks. Sub-groups based on interest and expertise are also utilized. Due to the high level of professional experience of the membership, there exists a high quality of teaching amongst the members. Networking power grows as a result of sincere effort and experience. If you are an experienced, successful financial executive, The FENG is a must for you.

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