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About the M&A/Corporate Development S.I.G.

The M&A/Corporate Development SIG

As Chairman of the FENG Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate Development SIG, I am excited about the opportunity to facilitate networking between professionals who are either actively engaged in M&A or have an interest in learning about M&A works, best practices and lessons learned.

We are seeking FENG members who have a professional interest in the various disciplines focused on optimizing Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate Development. This encompasses the entire span of the M&A process to include Strategy Development, Search Criteria, Target Screening, Valuation Analysis, Negotiation, Due Diligence, Financing Strategies and Integration.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) are the acts of consolidating companies or assets, with an eye toward stimulating growth, gaining competitive advantages, increasing market share, or influencing supply chains.
A merger describes two companies uniting, where one of the companies ceases to exist after becoming absorbed by the other. An acquisition occurs when one company obtains a majority stake in the target firm, which retains its name and legal structure. These transactions are completed with the primary intent to increase enterprise value for shareholders. value for shareholders through synergy, revenue growth, consolidation of operations, response to competition and leverage among key suppliers.

The Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate Development Special Interest Group (SIG) has been created to provide a forum for sharing ideas and approaches across finance and operating disciplines. The aim of the SIG is to enhance member employment and networking opportunities and the sharing of ideas.

How You Can Take Advantage of the SIG:
This SIG’s goal is to provide value to any FENG Member who is in transition or is in an Alumni status and has an interest in sharing ideas and opportunities related to the M&A / Corporate Development process.

We encourage you to participate and take full advantage of membership in this SIG and its events and look forward to hearing from you on our SIG Forum about your ideas to help optimize and enhance this important process.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by posting comments on the SIG Forum or directly by email at: [email protected]

Chairman, FENG M&A and Corporate Development SIG

Jon Purdy
CFO and VP Finance
Cell : 770-815-5629
[email protected]
Atlanta, Georgia

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Jon Purdy
[email protected]
(770) 815-5629