EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

Just to prove to you how old I am, there used to be a show on TV called “The Millionaire.” (The show was in black and white. Need I say more?)

It seems there was this wealthy man who wanted to give away some of his money and each week he would send this poor sap out into the world to hand someone a check for, you guessed it, a million dollars. Hard to believe the difficulties he ran into just trying to get folks to believe that there wasn’t a catch.

I think about that show every time I get a phone call or email. What if the sinister purpose of the message I have just received is actually a futile attempt to lay $1,000,000 on little old me? And what if I don’t call or write him back?

Well, that could never happen to me because I respond to all my emails and call back everyone who calls me. (I can’t afford to miss out on that potentially easy money, now can I?)

But, how about you? Are you diligent about returning phone calls and responding to emails, and if not, why?

I encourage members to take a risk and ask for help. Are they going to get an enthusiastic reception when they call you?

Are you too busy? Are you afraid that the person calling will soak up too much of your time?

Friends, you need to deal with these foolish fears. The truth is that you never know how much you will benefit from any call or email. The very person you fear is trying to drag you down may in fact be trying to build you up. You just never know.

There was a note I received some time ago about a member’s futile attempts to reach one of our members. His evil purpose you ask? It was to ask him to bid on a contract with his firm. (I hope this member has kicked himself around his office a few times, because the business went elsewhere.)

Life is full of surprises. Take a risk on your end and let yourself be taken by surprise now and then. Who knows, it just might result in your getting a check for a million dollars.

(Okay, I’m probably wrong on the dollar amount, but the good feeling you will get if you help a fellow member will be worth a lot more than mere money.)

Regards, Matt

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