EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

I’m sure there are those of you out there who remember a positively awful movie starring Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts called “The Mexican.” Some of you may have seen it and have been trying desperately to forget it. I don’t blame you.

Anyway, there was this one scene in the movie where Julia is standing on the balcony of a cheap motel throwing Brad’s clothes down on him and screaming at him: “It’s always about you.” If this isn’t something that speaks to our world, I don’t know what does.

I know you will all be shocked to discover that the world doesn’t actually revolve around you and your problems, considerable as they may be at any given moment. Unbeknownst to you perhaps is the fact that there is a LOT of pain and misery in the world. Yes, they walk amongst us.

What is worse, some of these poor misbegotten souls actually have the nerve to send us emails and to call us. And what is their flimsy reason for being in touch with us? Yes, they want to network!

I guess what I am asking you to do when these unworthy individuals contact you is to be more than a little understanding. I think the phrase is “There but for the grace of God go I.”

If their phone message is a little unclear or phrased in the wrong way, cut them a little slack. If their email lacks an outgoing signature, I hope you will gently remind them of the importance of having one without being sarcastic. If their resume is absolutely terrible, I hope you will merely suggest that it could use some improvements, and perhaps help them rewrite it.

There are always members of The FENG entering our little emergency room and in great need of a little TLC.

If you are one of the fortunate few with an intact retirement plan and a good job, I would ask you to indulge their wallowing in self-pity as best you can. Your goal is to give them a simultaneous pat on the back and a kick in the behind to get them moving on their search.

There simply isn’t any time in this world for indecision and inaction. For those of you familiar with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, a similar understanding is required here. If you are mentally well, keep in mind that others may not be “all there” at some given point in time.

Be patient. Be helpful. Be a friend. That’s what The FENG is all about.

Regards, Matt

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