EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

There are lots of good reasons to keep you chin up. Of course, the most important reason is that it is easier to hit!

Okay, I am just kidding with you. But seriously, some members have been active in their search for so long, that I fear many of them are beginning to believe things that have been told to them like:

If only you had a CPA.
If only you hadn’t been with one company for so long.
If only you hadn’t done so much job-hopping.
If only you weren’t so over qualified. (We rarely hear that we are UNDER qualified.)

The “if only” list is too long to publish. (If only it were shorter.)

The fear I have is that the effect of all of this nonsense on you is that you might believe that any of it is actually true and let your decline in spirits show in your correspondence and interviewing.

Given the state of the market, you need to get and keep yourself energized, especially if you have been looking for over 6 months.

What I am suggesting is a small make over. (After all, we are financial folks and not prone to going to “heck” with ourselves, so a total make over is OUT!)

Let’s start with that old wardrobe. If you have gained or lost weight in the past several months, do you have clothes that fit? I am not suggesting you go on a diet and lose weight. (That is always a good suggestion, but not practical for most of us.) What I am suggesting is that you need to look your best and in control. Have at least one good interviewing costume. With most folks working from home, no need to have a lot of “grown up” clothes. (Hey, the world is a stage, and you are the star of your own play, so the word costume is appropriate.)

How about writing instruments? I hope you don’t have a Bic pen in your pocket. A nice matching pen and pencil set (even if you don’t know how to write) is absolutely essential. And, it isn’t all that expensive. You don’t have to have high end writing instruments, but they should at least look nice.

I hope everyone is using a smart phone. Having an iPad that you can take to a meeting is also always a nice touch. (But the parts that makes noise should not be turned on during any meetings, of course.) Having a few high technology toys close at hand presents you as the cutting edge person we all know you are.

Should you actually have an in person interview, footgear is also very important. Guys, those shoes have to have a high state of polish and PLEASE no holes in the bottom!

As a financial person, you are selling your precision, and nothing speaks more about you than having a crisp appearance.

During the opening of Patton, George C. Scott tells why America will win the war. I may be misquoting him, but I believe he said that Americans love a winner and will not tolerate a loser.

Act like a winner. After all, if you are a member of The FENG, I am hard pressed to describe you in any other way.

And as far as having that chin up and the exposure it creates, you might want to practice a few blocking moves in case someone takes a swing at you. (As you know, practice makes perfect.)

Regards, Matt

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