EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

There was a time in the not too distant past when our evening newsletter on Sunday evening ran to over 120 pages. The newsletters during the week were typically 50-75 pages. Lately our newsletter is typically 25 pages or less.

Back in the “good old days,” we only had 15,000-20,000 members. Now we have close to 37,000.

While I understand that the job market is not good right now, I would hope we could muster more published pages of job leads if we all took the time to send in appropriate items to [email protected]

The FENG is primarily an organization of CFOs, Controllers and Treasurers. Although we have members with many other related titles, the thing that unites us is that we are all senior level executives. I am not suggesting that we fill the newsletter with junior level jobs. In fact, please don’t. I am only asking that everyone pull out the stops to send in postings.

Part of what each of us needs to do on a daily basis is be a salesperson for The FENG. Our rules for those posting with us are simple. Providing a salary range, a city location and a position description of about one full page allows members to disqualify themselves and only respond if they are a fit. In your sales pitch to “hiring authorities,” be sure to make the point that putting down “the Midwest” is going to get them a surplus of resumes. “Competitive salary” or “commensurate with experience” is also not going to get them where they need to be. The more precise they are, the more likely they will get an appropriate and controlled response.

Members of the search community, popularly known as Recruiters or Headhunters, should be sent to our website to register as a Friend of The FENG. They will then be contacted by one of our very efficient Administrative Assistants who will send them a “Welcome to The FENG” note. In house Corporate Recruiters have a separate form on our website. They should also be encouraged to register with us. Since they are smaller in number and usually have special needs, I personally contact them. They usually need a little prodding to provide a salary range.

Job leads in our newsletter don’t happen by magic. The FENG has long standing relationships with many folks in the search business. But, we need more.

The job market has been slow for a long time and many of our Friends of The FENG have left the business. I’m sure they will be replaced by new folks to whom we need to explain the “magic” of what we do.

If you have been hearing about opportunities and upon further investigation determined they were not of interest, don’t throw them back, send them to [email protected] In fact it would be in keeping with our core values that you even share leads in which you have interest. The more you share, the more you know about.

Although job leads alone are not necessarily the ticket to a new job, they are needed so that all of us know what is going on in the marketplace. Trust me, the more we publish, the more energized everyone will be.

Please do your part. As I say from time to time: Every day and in every way, it all begins with you.

Regards, Matt

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