EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

One of the most vexing problems potentially facing those who are active in their search is the decision to accept a job offer you don’t really think is right for you.

The agonizing issue of turning down a job offer is only matched by the difficulty of getting one in the first place. Those who have senior level work experience don’t usually get a lot of job offers, and needing the money, they are hard to turn down.

Let me start with the idea that if you have 20 years or more of work experience you should have a very good sense of who you are willing to work for in the years to come. By this, I am not talking about companies, but rather about people.

There are people in this world that I would NEVER work for again. Nor would I work for their twin brothers (who are not genetically related). As someone who like most of you has “been there and done that,” I have over the years developed a good sense of people and their nature. This 6th sense is not something I would ever recommend you ignore.

When the deal gets close to closing is the time to slow down, if only for a minute, and consider the fact that you are going to be spending the better part of your waking hours with these people. If they are not as honest as you are, or if they have a management style that you simply cannot tolerate, I would suggest to you that no amount of money will make up for that.

While there isn’t necessarily another job just around the corner, I would also suggest to you that the impact of a wrong decision in a matter such as your career isn’t limited to you. A job that leaves you aggravated and grumpy is undoubtedly going to affect your significant other and your children (if you are so blessed). I suppose I shouldn’t forget to mention your friends. (If you still have any after working in an “ugly” situation.

What makes the decision even more important, if all the above issues weren’t enough, is the simple fact that after taking a job that “grinds you into the ground,” you will be in terrible shape mentally and perhaps physically as well, to start that next job search. It is also possible that your personal reputation could be affected as well, and you only get to lose that once.

You are a grown up and are at all times charged with making adult decisions. While you may not be right all the time, trust me, your instincts are not to be ignored. Go with your gut and never look back.

Work is about people and life is too short to work with the wrong ones.

Regards, Matt

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