EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

As all of you are out and about networking, I hope you are aware that one of your most important member responsibilities is to invite your new and old friends who are Senior Financial Officers to join The FENG.

While it is certainly true that The FENG dominates our space. And, it may even be true that just about everyone who is a Senior Financial Officer and has a pulse is already a member. (I know it’s hard to tell sometimes since us financial folks are so low key.) That said, I hope there are some “unturned rocks” or “low hanging fruit” out there where you can find appropriate candidates to recommend.

If networking is the gift that keeps on giving, extending the hand of friendship by offering to sponsor someone is one of those things that will strengthen your relationship with those you know and with those you want to know better by providing a common language and experience.

The FENG is NOT a job listing service. If it was, we would be called The Financial Executives Job Listing Service, and not The Financial Executives NETWORKING Group.

The FENG is a society of friends. It is not a fee for service. Everyone who is a member had at least one person think enough of them to invite them to join our august body. This is one of the many things that make us unique as an organization.

Most important, you don’t have to be unemployed or employed and looking for a job to join.

The greatest percentage of our members are currently employed. And, many of our members have been in their current job for many years. They may have joined when they lost their job, but they stay for the connectedness and spirit of friendship that being a part of our little society brings to their lives.

Anyone you meet who should be a member, ask if they already are. If they aren’t, you can play “Godfather” and extend your good offices by inviting them to join.

Not only is it one of those favors you can’t refuse, there is no reason that anyone would.

No one ever has enough friends. And, The FENG will never have enough members.

So ask. What have you got to lose?

Regards, Matt

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