EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

Job search is in many ways a unique experience.

In contrast to the world of work where we have had folks reporting to us and have had folks that we reported to, the world of job search can tend to be a lonely place.

Pre-Covid-19, outplacement facilities with their rabbit warren of cubicles at first glance seemed to place you with a lot of other people. There were classes to attend, and at least in my own experience with this kind of environment, you had others with whom you could have lunch and share experiences. Not a totally bad situation. But still, everyone is on a different track and when they found work or their time ended, they typically disappeared. And, it wasn’t like the office where presumably you had goals in common with those around you. (Yes, I know that isn’t really true, but we’re just talking theory.)

If there is any one misconception that we try to dispel in The FENG, it is need or desirability of going it alone. Our goal is to teach one another the joy of seeking out others to help and in some magical way to being helped by them.

As our more senior members know and accept, The FENG isn’t a job listing service. I say this to you despite the rather long job listings we share with one another. These job listings should be viewed as only one manifestation of the degree to which we are trying to help one another.

We are in truth an army of volunteers, and I thought it would be appropriate tonight, in light of our current economic situation, to ensure that everyone fully understands the goals of our organization.

It is all too easy to let others do the work that needs to be done. To get you started in more fully participating in our little society, I am going to assign each of you a most important task. A task that can be considered a bite sized piece, but an easy way to get started. Please know and understand that not everyone is ready to accept the truth about The FENG at any one point in time. However, the skepticism that others are willing to help you does subside over time. And, you can make a difference if you do what I am about to ask you to do: Please call at least 5 new members each and every week. (I could have asked that you call at least one new member, but I believe in stretch goals.)

Our current membership count is over 37,000. There is simply no better way for the many folkways of The FENG to be passed along than by word of mouth. We have a lot of new members to infect with the enthusiasm that I hear from those of you who participate in our many programs.

Don’t allow yourself to be alone in this process, and don’t let others be alone. Share the joy. Get involved. Pass it on.

Remember, every day and in every way, it all starts with you.

Regards, Matt

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