EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

I don’t know about you, but there are lots of things in this world that I wonder about. At one time I wondered about why the sky was blue, but that was before Google. I guess there are lots of things we don’t need to wonder about anymore. We can just look them up.

The above topic wasn’t one I was actually wondering about earlier this week, but I got a note from one of our members and, knowing I was an avid sailor, he thought he would give me the answer.

I have always known that sailors/boaters wave at each other. I just thought it was a cute tradition. And, you don’t have to be out on the water very long before you also start waving at every boat that goes by. The thought that was suggested was that not only is it a friendly greeting, but it is also a general check-in that everything is all right.

Not a bad thing to do when you are out on the water. As I have mentioned from time to time, Mighty Mouse isn’t coming to your rescue out there. The speed with which the Coast Guard or Sea Tow will be coming to save you is a little longer than the time you are likely to survive.

In much the same way, members of The FENG are asked to wave hello to our new members. You might also want to do this kind of friendly hello to those you count as part of your inner circle of friends. Sure, more than likely they don’t need your help at the moment, but you never know. Letting others know you are acknowledging them provides them with a degree of security and self-assurance that you are out there, ready, willing and able to help.

If you thought the world of nature was potentially a cruel place, in many respects it doesn’t hold a candle to the dangers all of us face out in the world of work.

If there was ever a time we need that friendly wave, it is these times of our lives when our loved ones are counting on us for our financial support. That someone takes the time to check in with us is a gesture of support that gives us the strength to go on. Just knowing someone is there to lend a helping hand often times gives us the courage to go on.

So, next time you “pass by” another member of The FENG out on the shark infested waters of the world of work, I hope you will wave that electronic hand of yours and either send an email or make a phone call.

I can assure you that your gesture will leave a visible wake that will last a long time after you pass.

Regards, Matt

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