EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

I’m not sure if everyone understands the importance of our Good News Announcements, so I thought I would share with you tonight some of my thoughts as to why they are so important.

Since the very beginning of our newsletter, the Good News Announcements have always appeared at the very beginning. We were a small group of individuals back in 1997, perhaps a 100 or so hardy souls, and we DID actually know each other. So, the good news announcements were particularly exciting.

As the group has grown, it is less and less likely that you will actually know the person making the announcement. And, although it may appear to be “always about you,” good news announcements are really about everyone else.

Like the Academy Awards, it is a great time to thank publicly all of the silent heroes who facilitated your transformation from unemployed to working stiff. There are those who provided valuable networking contacts, and there are those who provided that pat on the back or boot in the backside — just when you needed it. While I don’t think anyone helps you with the idea that they will be publicly praised, it can’t hurt and it may actually draw out others who see that “no good deed goes unpunished” is not actually how the world works.

Most importantly, good news announcements provide the feeling at the beginning of the “work day” for those active in their search that yes indeed, there are jobs out there. And if the poor schlep whose announcement you are now reading was able through no fault of his own nor skill on his part to find a paying gig, then by gosh it is just possible that with a lot of hard work and a polished set of skills, you can too! (So much for playing golf during the week!)

The FENG is also about sharing knowledge. While it may be true that job search is more like a random walk through a fog bank, just like those who win the lottery, you can always come up with an explanation of how you were so successful. Right or wrong, I hope you will put your thinking cap on and put your electronic pen to paper and explain the unexplainable.

Yes, if only everyone sent out 15 letters a day instead of 14, made 20 calls a day instead of 19, then they too would find a job in short order. You don’t need to come up with an astounding insight, although I would enjoy hearing one from time to time. Nor, does your prose have to be perfect. It would be nice if your punctuation and spelling were perfect, but if I catch one of your errors, I will try to fix it. You should also end your piece with a proper and complete outgoing signature. (Yes, now I AM dreaming, but I am prone to that. I was only hoping to properly update your directory listing.)

If you have landed, I would also ask you not to wait until that 15th paycheck clears the bank. An immediate good news announcement will ensure that this doesn’t become another one of those tasks that never gets done. It will also ensure that the ideas you share will be fresh in your mind.

Good news announcements are one of those paradoxes of life. It appears to be about you, but it is really about encouraging all of the other people in our little family that just because they may not have a source of steady income at the moment, all hope is NOT lost.

If you are now gainfully employed, take a moment and make our day a little brighter.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Regards, Matt

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