EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

I always try to tell people who ask that I am just a simple financial guy. But I guess the truth is that all of us financial types are complicated in one way or another.

Unlike lawyers and doctors who (thanks to Hollywood) everyone THINKS they know what they do every day, our profession (other than our role in stealing investor’s money) is not very well known. Let’s face it, a TV show about us would probably put everyone to sleep. (Hey, I’m feeling groggy just writing about us.)

When asked to do a 90 second announcement about our career, we are hard pressed to find the right words. And how could it be otherwise? What we do IS complicated and technical. That’s why they pay us the big bucks!

Still, we are obligated by a law recently passed by Congress to explain ourselves in layman’s terms to the “outside world.” (I know you don’t believe the Republicans and Democrats were able to reach agreement on anything, but I understand this decision was easy.)

I have a less than technical accounting background, having gained my Chief Financial Officer spurs in the Advertising industry. (Or is it I earned my scars?) Anyway, I have had the pleasure of listening in on those who do “structured finance,” “credit risk management,” and any number of other esoteric areas of expertise, do their 90 second pitch and rarely am made to truly understand what they do and how they bring value to their employers.

The golden opportunity to “present your credentials” represented by our meetings is one that I know some of you have not enjoyed the benefit of, and in part, that is what tonight’s editorial is all about. Chapter meetings are the world’s best off-Broadway play.

A room filled with as friendly an audience determined to find a way to help you help yourself, is hard to find indeed.

Although I know our Chapter Chairs these days are hard pressed to find enough space to handle those who wish to attend, I believe that if more folks show up, they will find a way to accommodate you. That is just the nature of the individuals who chair our chapters. (Their names and contact information adorn our website. When you sign in, the chapter(s) you are registered for appear on your home page.

Pay them a visit electronically or in person and “let them entertain you” at the next chapter meeting near you.

No chapter meeting in your neighborhood? A simple solution is available! Start a chapter of your own by sending me the appropriate area codes. In short order, you too can be the official “go to person” in your area.

I look forward to hearing from you and, of course, seeing you at chapter meetings!

And, let’s try to make your story more understandable and exciting! Keep in mind, I’m a simple guy.

Regards, Matt

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