EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

As accountants we know only too well that the time periods into which we divide a year are a little arbitrary. They only mark the passage of time in a logical manner (which is very important to all of us financial types).

We also know intuitively that the concept of getting a fresh start with the coming of the New Year isn’t quite true. Still, it is a very fine tradition. And, with all the time you will have in the next few days, it couldn’t hurt to spend some time in quiet reflection. (I said reflection — not napping.)

I don’t know what the New Year will bring for the members of our networking group, but with any luck, the economy will actually continue to improve in 2018.

Please know that “been there and done that” is more well respected now than it ever has been in this nation of ours. And, this is what you have to sell.

However, wishing won’t make it come true for you in the months ahead. If I may quote Seneca, a Roman philosopher: Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

Over the next few weeks go over your campaign from stem to stern. (You knew I would squeeze in a sailing analogy, didn’t you?) Really READ your resume. Write down your typical 90-second announcement and pick at EVERY word. Organize your networking contacts. (Sort them by first name – just kidding.)

I work on The FENG many hours each week in the belief that we can and do make a difference for each other, but at the end of the day it all comes down to how hard you work for yourself.

Our family motto is: You can do anything to which you set your mind. Let’s focus and have at it in the year to come. I want us to continue to be not only the best known and most well respected networking group for senior executives, but also the most employed.

To do that, I need you to believe you can make things change for yourself in the next few months. If you don’t make yourself believe it, you won’t work at it. (Hey, maybe wishing can make it so.)

Regards, Matt

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