EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

One of our chapter chairs called me recently, and as usual when he calls, we had a wide ranging conversation about members of The FENG, friends (sometimes these two overlap), and family matters. There generally aren’t many moments of silence since we always have so much to talk about.

Since we are both networking maniacs, it is sometimes hard for us to understand why folks find it so difficult to network. Surely picking up the phone and at least calling other members of The FENG can’t be difficult. (This was the topic that we discussed at length.)

Then it hit me! Some of our members must think that phones have teeth. What else could it be?

Surely everyone in The FENG is aware that all of our members were also sponsored by a friend and that we have clearly let this whole friend thing get so out of hand that each and every member in good standing would let just about anything else in their life wait to take or return a call from another member. So, what could be the concern?

(Okay, don’t call me when I am heading off to lunch at 12:00 sharp. Food is important to me and I eat on a schedule. Other times are okay though. Even working on the newsletter can wait if I have an important call from one of our members.)

To pick up on a consistent theme, members of The FENG have walked a mile in your shoes, and sometimes even further. (So that’s why those damn things wore out so quickly. They were borrowed by one of our members!) Having experienced what you have or are experiencing, they are open to your networking calls and THEY WANT TO HELP. (If only someone would call me so I could help them, is what most members are thinking from the time they get up in the morning until they go to bed at night. It is sort of a Maytag repairman thing.)

Friends, the welcome mat is out and freshly cleaned. It is only waiting for your arrival.

Our entire membership directory is out on our website and waiting for you to take our Member Directory Search feature for a test drive. I hope you will take this opportunity to check your listing to make sure it is correct. I also hope that you will dig through the incredible networking tool that is available to you and:


(If you call me and don’t get through tomorrow it is because I am still trying to put my phone back together. I took it completely apart to check for teeth.)

Regards, Matt

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