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Subject: Active group?
Robert Rhodes
Member: 2021
Submitted on 01-10-21 5:58 pm

I am a new ALUMNI member of this group and am interested in a number of things:

  • How active is the group?

  • What activities have the most payback?

  • How can I add value to the group and help my fellow members?

I am a merchant banker in Sugar Land with a flourishing managmenet consulting business.  We are coming off of one of our best years in 2020 and feel like 2021 will be a banner year if we all keep 2020 in focus - the resources will be there (hopefully Congress will continue), a clean slate will necessarily be available (COVID-19 is making us all start over)...

I do:

  • Corporate restrucuring - over 51 transactions accomplished

  • Go public projects - 17 accomplished with largestat $250M market capitalization

  • Funding - largest to date of $50M, with support for Reg A+, Regulation CF, and Reg D raises


Robert Rhodes
Managing Member of DSV Consulting LLC
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Ananth Subramanian
Member: 2020

Subject: Re:Active group?

Submitted on 01-10-21 8:16 pm.

Robert, appreciate you sharing your insights to the other post.  Allow me to share mine on this, with my month old experience with the FENG.

- It is what one puts in.  Feel free to search for fellow FENG members in the member search directory, and reach out.  Many members were only too happy to respond in kind, and I've had the pleasant opportunity for many meaningful connections over the last month.

- If time allows, consider attending one or more chapter meetings.  My favorite (so far) is the Marty Latman 'Learn with Latman' series in the Bergen NJ chapter.  Others are also available, again, I've been a part of the FENG for just a month.

- Consider taking advantage of insights from prior editorials, news articles, and leads from Matt Budd.

Hopefully this helped -- there are many fine/talented/helpful FENG members who can provide better insights, will let them chime in!

Best regards,

Ananth Subramanian

Director of Finance

Dallas-Fort Worth Metro