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Subject: Insurance Broker Recommendation
Sue Valente
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Submitted on 01-08-21 5:44 pm

My organization is looking for an insurance broker for corporate insurance (property, liability, casualty, travel etc).  We are a global medical device/pharma industry, so ideally would like a broker familiar with this global industry.


Many thanks,

Sue Valente

phone: 339-206-0532


Larry Rosolowski
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Subject: Re:Insurance Broker Recommendation

Submitted on 01-09-21 12:46 am.

I have used an insurance broker for 15+ years with whom I am incredibily satisfied, and in whom I have the highest confidence.. Here is his contact info:

  • Kirk Aguilera

  • Hays Companies


  • 909-437-1171

Most of Kirk's work with me involved kids scooters for Razor USA. Our product liability insurance costs were high, but were also well managed and controlled by Kirk and his associates. He is very client-focused and knows a lot about a variety of industries. He is very responsive to clients, regardless of the size of the premiums paid. I highly recommend Kirk and I assure you that you will be satisified if you choose to work with him. Feel free to contact me directly with any questions at