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Bob Shultz
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Submitted on 11-02-20 10:33 pm

During this uncertain and difficult business climate, it may be increasingly difficult to maintain the working capital and liquidity needed to sustain a business.  As you know, credit risk management, and accounts receivable collection, are key driving factors.  There are two resources you may want to consider to help your staff or to update your knowledge in these areas.

You can direct your staff, or seek remedial instruction for yourself, at Highako University. ( This is an online, on demand, no cost array of 20-30-minute tutorials.  The tutorials cover such subjects as: Creating an effective credit policy, regulatory compliance, strategic collections, preventing business fraud, and an eleven-part series on collection negotiation.

UCLA Extension provides another resource for credit analysts.  After successfully completing the required classes, students will earn a UCLA Certificate in Credit Analysis and Management.  Students not interested in the Certificate can choose specific classes that best meet their needs. You can learn more about these ten-week, online classes at the UCLA Extension Webpage:  

As an FYI, I instruct many of the Highako classes and two of the classes required for the UCLA Certificate, Credit Analysis and Portfolio Analysis.  So, if you have any questions, please feel free to let me know.

Robert Shultz

Chairman, Credit/Working Capital Management SIG

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