Topic: Women's

Subject: Philadelphia Job Club Formation
Eileen Robbins
Member: 2018
Submitted on 09-16-20 3:47 pm

Further to this morning's announcement:


Philadelphia Chapters in process of starting a job club. YTD 34 job club members have landed positions. If interested, contact Sergei Poltaraus, Chair, at [email protected].


What is a FENG Job Club? 


A FENG Job Club is an intensive forum for interested and highly motivated “active” members (those who are currently unemployed and actively looking for their next opportunity) to hold each other accountable for making progress in their job searches. They are designed to accelerate the time it takes for participates to land a job.  Job clubs are not one-off networking events or a substitute for Chapter or SIG meetings, which participants are still expected to attend.


Job Clubs meet weekly for about two hours, are self-managed with one or two members acting as chairs, and consist of 6-12 members. While all job clubs follow the same overarching framework, a wide range of approaches is used. Members are expected to devote at least 20-30 hours a week on their searches.

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