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Mike Jason
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Submitted on 11-13-19 4:14 pm


Dear FENG Hospitality Group Members,


My name is Mike Jason and I am the chair for the Hospitality Group, and I wanted to introduce myself, start a dialog and share some upcoming events.


I am currently the Senior Vice President for Live Entertainment at StarVista Live and Time Life. Our principal business is themed music cruises which is a combination of Hospitality and Entertainment.


I spent the first half of my career In Finance and Accounting culminating in the CFO position at BMG Music in the late 90’s. From there I have become more active in the operational side of both the music and now the hospitality areas. I spend a lot of my time interacting with the large charter companies, Holland America, Celebrity, Carnival, NCL and RCL, as well as the travel and music communities.


During the next 6 to 8 weeks, I will be holding a teleconference on an issue that is at the forefront of many organizations concerns. I am currently finalizing the details and working with my issue expert on scheduling. The topic, timing and call in number will be sent you ahead of the event.


Additionally, I will be organizing a networking event in the Miami area during February 2020. More to come on that as well.


Finally, I understand that any initiative like this is only as successful as the support from you, the members, so I ask you to please to send me suggestions or advice on how best to meet your needs. I am readily available via email or phone and really encourage feedback. I have a number of developing ideas, but the best answer always comes from the community.


Many thanks


Mike Jason


Senior Vice President Live Entertainment


StarVista Live/Time Life


[email protected]






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