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Subject: Looking for a new Opportunity
Scott Brown
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Submitted on 09-10-19 4:28 pm

Hello All:

I have recently begun a search for a new finance role.  I have over 25 years of experience in accounting/finance, spending the past 10 in executive roles.

Generally, I am looking for a finance position which allows me to use my experience to drive value for an organization.  Manufacturing is a natural fit for me, as my background is heavy in manufacturing companies, but I have experience and a passion for technology companies, and have a desire to pursue opportunities in this sector.  I am open to other industries and opportunities outside of these areas as well.  I appreciate any time you can give to assist me in my search.

Below is a link to my LinkedIn profile, and I am including my email if you wish to contact me to connect.

Again, many thanks for any time you can provide to my search.

Best Regards,

Scott Brown

Email:  [email protected]


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