Topic: Chicago (Downtown), IL

Subject: Project Manager-Technology Opportunity
Steve Eschbach
Member: 2006
Submitted on 10-18-18 4:26 pm

Please see job opportunity received from a good friend and business colleague of mine, Julie Barnhill.  Please self-qualify and reach out to her directly, mentioning my name when you do so.


Project Manager-Technology (Hybrid of technology and finance/accounting is a plus)
(Looking for someone who is very hands on, can juggle the strategy as well as tackle the projects head on all while helping build out the PMO)


  • Define project scope, goals and deliverables that support critical business objectives in collaboration with senior management and stakeholders

  • Effectively communicate project expectations to team members and key stakeholders in a timely and clear fashion

  • Lead and facilitate workshops to elicit business requirements and design elements for complex components

  • Collaborate with internal and external development teams to create work plans and track progress on creation of technical deliverables

  • Develop the test strategy and test plan and confirm with all stakeholders

  • Develop and plan training approach and delivery strategy

  • Direct and manage all phases of a project from beginning to end utilizing the appropriate project methodology

  • Develop and deliver gate presentations to key stakeholders at project milestones

  • Develop and deliver progress reports and executive presentations for both internal and external consumption

  • Build, develop, and grow any business relationships vital to the success of the project





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Julie Barnhill | Account Executive - Analytics Practice
d: 312-819-4126
o: 312.228.9500
Expert Technology Solutions & Recruitment,1,CbytjX-nbxTGQqbMkbStH8A1UTNUX4qfWYbMfOO5Znl4i0MmoVSipjuKVERXN0uCpcsOYhttoMagJ2HJDWAC8f_Gb_7M3aDb88R2juufV8KRPqSgeumk&typo=1">,1,g7-CPFcWUdPkDOxKU9eqTwlnByD0cXFG8s37SZLBoxN8BrGKrss9XiX8kqb0yWJQpqI7297mqi-t_nFgNnCmiWcnYqDnmonwtohio1fRqI8,&typo=1">" alt="linkedin_840b2ff6-95de-401d-b74b-252397f75ecb.png" border="0" />,1,2GG-kgQVjk5_GCfZ7JSYGk80IITU4Ki3FxI-AfyRT_Uhb9F6FJldife0z5HS8VLB8FhSrnoCiz5313jhV5zbm3aEdSlcSE-l9Lg4DOesxml_lXxtTnA1NzzSSVM,&typo=1">" alt="facebook_ca859827-788d-4185-a77b-7f2bb79a4cd1.png" border="0" />">" alt="twitter_4283ad43-a528-460c-b608-8d51a0cc66f2.png" border="0" />

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