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Subject: Interim role as "Super Controller" 2 hours west of Omaha > follow up directly with Scott if interest
Richard Steele
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Submitted on 05-12-18 8:00 am

This is coming together very quickly and we don’t have a lot of documentation at my fingertips.  That said, here is a high level summary.


The Company manufactures systems that transport light weight raw materials from a receiving point to the manufacturing floor – picture an automated process that unloads a railcar at the receiving depot of a factory and delivers the materials to the manufacturing floor or warehouse.  The system is vacuum operated and runs the materials through piping.  The Company designs, manufactures and installs the system (including servicing it if/as necessary).  All systems are custom made to fit the customer specifications.  The Company does roughly $20M of annual sales, 25% gross margins and less than 10% EBITDA margins.  It is private equity backed. 


The Company is experiencing financial challenges.  They are in default of their covenants and negotiating a forebearance agreement. 


Two weeks I was brought in as the interim CFO as the current CFO tendered her resignation with a last day of May 17.  A month earlier, the controller resigned and just this week the AR Accountant (who was the key tactical team member covering a lot of ground for the Finance/Accounting function) tendered her resignation with a last day of May 23.  This takes the team from four permanent staff a couple months ago down to one remaining team member plus me.  As such, our immediate objective is to get a “super controller” resource in place to start working side by side with the AR Accountant to transition and work together with her as much as possible from now until her last day.  I use the word “super controller” as this person will be required to perform tactical work (journal entries, account reconciliation, collection activities, etc.) as well as assist and manage more “upstream” activities as they will work with me as partners.  Said differently, there is a lot to be done and together with me we need to keep the train on the tracks.  I will be on-site two to three days per week and the expectation is the “super controller” will be on site three to four days per week.


Company is located two hours west of Omaha, Nebraska.  Rate is negotiable. 


To summarize, need a rock star to partner with me to make sure whatever needs to get done, gets done and gets done well……


Scott Glickson, Managing Director

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Hi Scott, happy to help if I can.  Please send me a position specification or at least something that provides more details so that I can circulate to some folks.  Where, rate, how long, nature of requirements, skills and experience necessary, etc.  Thanks, Richard


Richard A Steele

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Hope things are well.  To refresh your memory, we met a couple summers ago at a Sox game and have periodically exchanged a note or had a call over the last couple years. 


Reaching out now as I have a “situation” where I need an accounting stud, someone with “super” controller competencies.  Any chance you know anyone looking for some project work and if so would be great to get connect as my opportunity is firing up fast so I would like to speak with them as soon as possible.


Let me know.


Scott Glickson, Managing Director

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