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Subject: Manufacturing ERP Recommendations
Matt Hannigan
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Submitted on 01-23-18 4:23 pm


We're looking at an ERP implementation for a small/medium size ($30M/year) equipment manufacturer. Please respond if you are/were on a manufacturing ERP package. Which one are you on? Do you love it? Hate it? Why? What are your costs? Any special benefits or gotchas with your package? What is the vendor support like?

I'll assume all systems described are in the cloud unless you indicate otherwise.

Any other manufacturing ERP insights are welcome.

I realize it all depends on what that particular client wants and needs. I don't have more specifics yet. Just looking at overall recommendations for now.

Thanks very much in advance!

Matt Hannigan

Scott Linsley
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Subject: Re:Manufacturing ERP Recommendations

Submitted on 02-09-18 12:13 am.

Hello Matt, 

About 20 months ago we began our search for a new ERP package.  At the time we were an $85M top line engineered/configured to order manaufacturer of Structural Steel Racking systems for large distribution centers aand warehouses. We have two plants in the USA. We looked at several packages both cloud and on site based systems. We looked at Infor Cloud Suite Industrial, Glovia, Epicor and Netsuite. Demos from all but Netsuite. Also requested proposals from Microsoft Navision, Syspro and SAP which declined. I used Syspro and Epicor at previous companies. 

We had a very big need for a product configurator to help us in automating our quoting process. Front end quoting and manufacturing were heavily weighted in our selection process. 

If what I have presented is of interest to you please let me know. Most of these ERP systems are priced based on modules needed and number of user licenses.



Matt Hannigan
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Subject: Re:Manufacturing ERP Recommendations

Submitted on 02-11-18 10:41 pm.

Thanks Scott! The whole ERP implementation is now on hold indefinitely. These big projects are often very hard to get off the ground. Thanks for your Reply. This info will help. 


George Bergmark
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Subject: Re:Manufacturing ERP Recommendations

Submitted on 05-08-18 6:32 am.

Hi Matt,

What are you currently using?