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Subject: Blockchain and/or cryptocurrency finance interest group
Peter Rehm
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Submitted on 01-18-18 12:36 pm

(This message was posted to the general group also but I'm thinking this is better placed in the banking group) 

In view that banking is being/ about to be disrupted by blockchain technology, would anyone in FENG be intersted in forming a blockchain and/or cryptocurrency accounting/ interest group? 




I've been a part of the banking group for quite some time and have spent the past several months acquiring a fair amount of knowledge on the subject and am interested in communicating with any other FENG members who are involved in this or would like to become involved.




Incidentally, I'll be providing a 45 minute tax speech to a day long seminar of The Atlanta Blockchain here in Atlanta on January 27. If you are located in the area we would love to have you come. Unfortunately the available tickets  are not cheap ($100) but you'll get to meet about 150 entrepreneurially-oriented blockchain experts and you will come away with lots of new information that you may be able to apply to your business. If you just want to look at the registration please go to and look for TAB (The Atlanta Blockchain).






Peter Rehm, CPA


Atlanta FENG Chapter


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