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Subject: Useful Information for Those with Interest in Business in Asia
Richard Archer
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Submitted on 08-24-17 10:34 am

I received an announcement about a free webinar being offered by Dezan Shira & Associates providing information that could be useful to anyone having or wanting to develop business activities in Asia that go beyond reliance on China as a sole low cost sourcing point. The title of the webinar is ‘How to Implement a "China Plus One" Strategy’. 

The webinar is scheduled for 5 September from 3:00-4:00PM WIB Time, which would be 4:00-5:00AM US Eastern Daylight Time. That could be a problem for people in the USA, but it should be during normal waking hours for FENG members in other parts of the world.

Here is the link to the webinar registration page, if anyone would like to attend.

I have no connection with Dezan Shira in any way. I know of them because of information sourced from their website when I was researching a project in China shortly after moving to Hong Kong in 2004. I have continued to use information they make available on issues on doing business in Asia, generally, and China, specifically. I have always found it to be top quality, well developed, and accurate.

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