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Subject: Insurtech
Mike Murray
Member: 2016
Submitted on 04-10-17 9:09 am

Folks --

I am interested in connecting with any members of FENG who are either participating or seeking to participate in the insurtech space as entrepreneurs / startups working to transofrm the business of insurance or as sources of capital, incubators, or accelerators for such ventures.

I am a Univerity of Chicago trained economist with deep expertise in the property/casualty insurance space and a passion for the application of advanced analytics and data to all manner of problems in risk assessment, risk transfer, and risk management more generally, as well as expertise in economic and financial analysis, modeling, and insurance data, accounting, and regulation. 

My goal is put to my energy, skills, knowldge, and network to good use connecting entrepreneurs and insurteech startups with the captial and other resources necessary to foster their success. My hope is that doing so will enable all to profit by bolstering society's ability to cope with current and emerging risks in an  increasingly complex and dangerous world.


Michael R. Murray

[email protected]


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