Topic: Investor Relations

Subject: Dormant or Alive?
Steve Eschbach
Member: 2006
Submitted on 04-06-17 1:32 am

Hello!!!!!  There are many senior investor relations professionals in this group - at least a half dozen or so (or more) in Chicagoland alone - that could benefit from a regular interactive discussion among this Special Interest Group.  

A good friend and business colleague of mine - fellow Chicago (Downtown) Chapter member Prem Lalvani - brought to my attention the decline in publicly traded companies in the U.S. (~8K 20 years ago versus ~4K at year-end 2016; Panera Bread is on the verge of getting taken out given today's news, and, in my utility/energy industry preference background, South Jersey Industries and New Jersey Resources are apparently in talks to reduce two separate entities into one).

See link below for support.

(You may have to cut-and-paste as I can't seem to create a link in this message.)

I have since moved on and own my own business - Transworld Business Advisors of Naperville - to take matters in my own hands to control my destiny going forward.

That said, though, I think this Special Interest Group needs to be revitalized and I am disappointed that since I became a FENG member in 2006 there has been no activity whatsoever in this special interst group.  

I continue to support The FENG to all I reach out to regarding joining this senior financial professional executive networking group (Chicaog (Downtown) Chapter has done well with monthly meetings -participation, speakers - since January 2016) but I have told all those with extensive invesor relations background to expect no support whatsoever in this discipline (notwithstanding this, many still join).

Thoughts from others?

Respectfully submitted,

Steven P. Eschbach, CFA, CFC


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