Topic: San Francisco, CA

Subject: Referral for SF-based accountant for small sports accessory startup
Allen Latta
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Submitted on 02-27-17 1:22 pm

Hello fellow SF FENG members:

I am looking for referrals for a San Francisco-based sole-practitioner accountant or an accountant with a small firm that works with startup companies.  I have a friend who, along with a partner, are starting on a shoestring an athletic accessory company in San Fransisco.  Their first product is a cross-fit glove that is to be sold via Amazon.  The partners are young and need accounting and tax (specifically sales tax) guidance as they launch the company.  They are on a tight budget and so are looking for a accountant that would be able to work with them on the fees, by either deferring fees until they ramp up a bit, or by providing a reduced rate.

Your referrals are greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your help with this.

Best regards,

Allen Latta (FENG SF Chapter)


Lynn McConnell
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Subject: Re:Referral for SF-based accountant for small sports accessory startup

Submitted on 07-25-19 5:25 am.

Hi I wonder if you could share any responses with me. I am trying to help a friend with his startup and they need just such a person. So if there was a possibility to consult and share someone there might be  a solid consulting gig here with two firms and part time work for each. I am currenty going abck and form between London and SF amd am a loyal member of the London FENG. The business man I am working with is starting up his own shop so has some flex in his schedule.