Topic: Credit / Working Capital Management

Subject: Cash to Cash Managment
Bob Shultz
Member: 2002
Submitted on 03-28-16 4:45 pm

Working capital is largely driven by the effective handling of all aspects of the "cash to cash" cycle.  Actions by the credit team can impact the viability of sales forecasts which impacts inventory planning and levels.  Credit hold and release policies impact inventory turnover.  Accounts Payable outflows and Cash inflows have to be coordinated to reduce cash short fall and the need for borrowing.  Suppliers have to be vetted to deliver quality products and services on-time throughout the life of the relationship.  There are many other examples.

What have you done in your company, or in past experience, to bring coordination and visibility to management of the cash to cash process?  Let's compare our best practices.

Robert Shultz

Chairman Credit and Working Capital Management SIG

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