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Subject: Question drug development deal structure
Chris Kelly
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Submitted on 07-30-15 10:59 am
Hi team,

I am working with a startup pharmaceutical company that has been approached by a larger partner.
Larger partner has a high quality problem, in that they received $XXX,XXX,XXX upfront payment on a drug that they have late in development.
They have expressed a strong interest in minimizing their current taxable income in structuring a deal with us.

Can anyone speak to this?
How can we front-load R&D expenses this year?
Is it as simple as invoicing them for services Rendered (as opposed to To Be Rendered - prepaid)?

Thanks very much,
Chris Kelly
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Nilson Souza
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Subject: Re:Question drug development deal structure

Submitted on 08-03-17 1:10 pm.

Dear Chris

I am interested in learning more about this popportunity. I recommend that you call Irwin Katz (561)- 303-4892. He has an extensive excperience in Drug Development Cos, Medicas Divices and Start up companies in the healthcare industry. i will work with him on the subject.


kind Regards


Zenilson Souza