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Subject: ADP Total Source
Nancy Fitzgerald
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Submitted on 11-06-14 4:12 pm
We are contemplating moving to a PEO model. Does anyone have experience with ADP Total Source, Genesis HR Solutions or other?

Many thanks in advance

Nancy Fitzgerald
Steve Vogel
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Subject: Re:ADP Total Source

Submitted on 03-16-16 7:41 am.

TriNet was one of the first.

I would start with your list plus that one.

Get health care rate quotes from them all.

You will need to badger them to assure you can split costs and fees.

This is not easy, just requires persistence.

They all act a little different based upon their rep and hunger

So shop, shop, shop.

For a small 50 and under company PEO seems to have the best rates

I used to do it (PEO) but now I have found some others that are better and don't require PEO pain..

Send me an e-mail and  i will tell you who I use.

Honestly can't remember (This is good, they don't cause headaches)

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