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Subject: Paris Air Show - Consulting Analysts Wanted 17-23 June
Brian Langenberg
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Submitted on 04-05-13 5:27 pm
I am seeking consulting analysts or aerospace executives to attend investor briefings, lunch, and dinner events for whom attendance would be helpful to their own goals. Companies would include GE, Honeywell, Boeing, United Technologies, EADS and a range of others. I run a tiny equity research boutique ( and will not attend.

Ideally, your background / interest includes 1 or more of these:

1. Aerospace / Defense
2. Equity Research
3. Strategy Consulting


1. Attend as a consulting analyst with Langenberg & Company (we will get you registered).
2. Inquire about specific questions I may have in advance for each company.
3. Take good notes - key presentation points, Q&A, "tone" - i.e. was management believed.
4. Email them to me as soon as possible.

Benefits for you:
1. Meet CEO's, other senior executives, Wall Street analysts and institutional investors.
2. Free food! (and very, very least by American standards).
3. Research credits. Most of our work is subscription / client only - but consulting analysts would earn research credit for our written products.
4. Depending upon degree of engagement, performance and fit we may find other ways to work together for mutual benefit.

Please email me directly at [email protected] with your contact info, CV, date(s) available (if known at this point) and I will respond directly and arrange a time to speak.

Thank you kindly and regards,

Brian Langenberg, CFA

Chris McRae
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Subject: Re:Paris Air Show - Consulting Analysts Wanted 17-23 June

Submitted on 05-24-13 10:09 am.
Morning Brian,

Did you get many nibbles on your request?

I am a local finance executive here in Paris (ex-aerospace but 25 years of aviation experience) and while I don't fulfill some of your requirements (equity research) I’d hate to see you miss out on Le Bourget info.

Let me know if you still have a need and I will send you my CV for your consideration.

Christopher McRae
[email protected]