Topic: IFRS/US GAAP Convergence

Subject: IFRS Regional and Chapter Volunteers Request (August 2011)
Tom Hall
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Submitted on 08-01-11 2:21 pm
We are in the process of establishing five Regional Coordinators and a Chapter Coordinator for each of our local Chapeters. IF INTERESTED - CONTACT: [email protected]

Regional Coordinators: They will identify, recruit and communicate with local IFRS Chapter Coordinators.
* Eastern U.S.A. IFRS Region
* Central U.S.A. IFRS Region
* Mountain U.S.A. IFRS Region
* Pacific U.S.A. IFRS Region
* International IFRS Region

Chapter Coordinators: They will be the point person in their Chapter for coordinating IFRS activities from the International level and also be responsible for local Chapter IFRS communications, presentations and training on an as needed basis.
Peter Welch
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Subject: Re:IFRS Regional and Chapter Volunteers Request (August 2011)

Submitted on 11-20-12 5:52 am.
Dear Tom,

How are you?

I'd like to take the international IFRS region. Also, I shall be doing a 60 minute webinar on implementation issues (Dec 14); could this be made known to IFRS SIG members? The cost is $140. If this is successful, a monthly series on IFRS is planned, based on actual IFRS requirements in great detail. You may be aware that I have a linkedin group, "IFRS implementations" currently standing at 960 members plus I've been teaching IFRS.

Let me know, thanks Tom and Happy Thanksgiving.

Peter Welch
[email protected]